Sunday, May 9, 2010

Coffee time

The best ingredients for a delicious coffee time.

Some great coffee, freshly grinded from a local coffee shop and a
delicious cake from the local bakery.

I wish Everyone a great Sunday and enjoy the great small moments in
life :)

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Orange socks in Amsterdam

Orange socks outside the window in Amsterdam during queensday. 

Due to the fine weather at the queensday celebrations many people where enjoying the great weather. 

What is better then sitting in the window and chillin with your friends while your legs are floating in the air outside the window? 

Taken by Jaap Willem

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Appli iAd preview article How Apple’s iAd Could Blow Marketers’ Mobile Budgets | paidContent

Dozens of questions remain about Apple’s plans to get into the mobile advertising business, from how much a campaign will cost to which applications will they run on.

Based on information Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) is telling advertising agencies, we were able to get answers for at least one: how much a campaign could potentially cost on the iAd platform—and the results are startling. According to our number crunching, CPMs will be highly variable but in some some cases could wind up being triple what marketers are used to paying for banners, and double the price of a video ad on mobile. In another scenario—a very successful campaign that generates an unusual number of clicks—a marketer’s ad spend could easily wind up being more than seven times what it had anticipated.

There are plenty of skeptics who say that iAd’s high prices and other restrictions may drive interested marketers away. But if Apple gets its way, iAd could mean a financial landslide for the mobile advertising industry, which was been bouncing along the bottom for years, totaling only $416 million in 2009, according to eMarketer.

For starters, Apple is setting the minimum annual spend at $1 million, but the price could go much higher if the ad generates a lot of clicks. For comparison sake, luxury brands Jaguar and Land Rover last year budgeted a combined $1.6 million for mobile marketing. With Apple asking for that much on just its platform, advertisers will have to weigh the attractiveness of the company’s user demographics and premium ad experience with how much they are really willing to lay out for mobile advertising.

For Apple, the key lies in iAd’s model of charging marketers based on a hybrid of CPMs and click-through rates, rather than one or the other, as is standard. Apple is said to be charging 1 cent per impression and $2 per click, reports the WSJ. Using those figures, we tried to determine how pricey a campaign would be, assuming a few different scenarios. The biggest variable is the click-through rate. Today, the mobile industry commonly sees anything between 1 and 3 percent, but iAd could easily be higher because of its novelty factor. Using this information, and assuming a marketer spends no more than $1 million, we calculated the CPM, which is the industry standard for cost per thousand impressions (see chart).

On the low-end (assuming a 1 percent click-through rate), the CPM would be $15. On the high-end (with a 3 percent click-through), it would jump to $70.

Jumptap’s Chief Marketing Officer Paran Johar says mobile banners today garner between $6 and $30, while mobile video on the high end falls between $20 and $40. “I have talked to a dozen or so agencies and there’s going to be a lot of push back. They’ll probably be some that engage for the sexiness, but not for the ROI,” he said.

While our calculations demonstrate what occurs when the budget is fixed and the ad impressions fluctuate, Johar said that’s not typically how a deal is done. Rather, he said advertisers dictate the budget and how many impressions they want. In that scenario, the same outcome exists: Costs will increase dramatically as the campaign becomes more successful.

Once again, if we do the math: The CPM will be fixed at $10 if the advertiser has a $1 million budget and is buying 100 million impressions at a penny each. But in addition, the advertiser will have to pay for the clicks—at $2 each. If 100 million impressions draw a 3 percent click-through rate, the advertiser will have to pay around $6 million more. The $1 million year-long iPhone campaign becomes a $7 million campaign (many more times Land Rover’s and Jaguar’s combined 2009 budget).

Johar says the fluctuating cost structure discourages advertisers from producing a very engaging campaign when there’s a $2 fee associated with each click. He figures you are better off providing a branded message that doesn’t encourage a call to action. But that’s contradictory to what iAd is proposing, which is a very engaging advertising experience that includes videos and games. “If you are incentivzing people to click, but then disincentivizing people from a cost structure perspective, they don’t work well…The cost structure could get very expensive, very quickly.”

Neil Strother, an analyst with ABI Research, says the typical mobile campaign is $100,000 to $200,000 over a two-month period, putting Apple’s million-dollar asking price in the right range. However, the WSJ reports that Apple even has its sights set on some $10 million campaigns. “Clearly, they are pushing the dollar amount up.” Strother agrees that the CPMs sound high, “but if you are getting a highly creative ad that’s interactive and you are the first ones to move, you will probably be written up on every blog from here to Hong Kong,” he says.


Interesting Article from PaidContent over the new iAd platform and the potential costs.
The platform will definatly be High end what I suppose will increase the likehood of quality ads...
Looking forward to have some more information about this though..

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Marketing and the Facebook OpenGraph

Marketing and the Facebook OpenGraph

Over the last few days we’ve heard many things about Facebook and all their plans.

Basically Facebook would like that every page on the Internet would be connected to the Facebook system and they could track you down over all the pages.

There are many privacy alarms going over this, mainly as well because every Facebook user is automatically opted-in.

I do suggest any person to reconsider their privacy settings on their Facebook Profile, if you have any issues with setting up the correct way please let me know.

Now the marketing part.

Howly Mowhly, now we have a 2nd holy grail to work for...

It’s not anymore all about Google but we can now serious include Facebook as well. And not anymore with only making a Facebook Page but we can bring Facebook Data to our website...  Get me that other champagne bottle :)

Why am I so happy about these developments. I’ll bring it down to a few points for each new Facebook option:
  1. Open Graph:

This is the basics of the whole new idea. Basically with a few new Metatags you can let anyone interact with your page like they would do on Facebook. And furthermore it means that they have now more more pages to obtain information about, apart from their own Facebook pages. But more on that later at the Insights for your Domain point.
  1. Social Widgets:

The social widgets lets you integrate all kind of Facebook options within your website. They have launched a set of Social widgets at the moment:
Like Button: this one is the most important at the moment, people can like for example your page, a book, a photo and so on. Their likes will be stored within their profile and is accessible with applications.
Activities and Recommendations: Hereby can a visitor from your site see if one their friends have already accessed the website and what they liked.
Even more they can see which of their friends are online at the moment and discuss the content. This is as well related back to their profile from the user.

Furthermore this data is accessible later on as well within their profile. Very powerful for Content sharing and going viral of content.
  1. Open Graph API

This is the API for the Open Graph System. In short for the non-techies among us, it’s a channel for applications to obtain information and integrate the new possibilities within their application. This has been extended greatly as well so expect soon more possibilities and mash ups from the Facebook data.

At the moment it’s not sure what will be possible with this option but soon there will be more information available and hopefully some very interesting apps to use.
  1. Facebook Insights for your Domain

Data is nothing and useless without a good and clear way to get your information out of this. That is why Facebook Insights for your Domain is so important.

Here within you can see and analyse what has happened with your content on your website and how the persons have been interacting with your website. Everyone with a Facebook Page analytics knows that it’s still very basic data by in comparison with Google Analytics.

But you would be very stupid out of your mind not to use them both together. Because it already gives some very valuable information about your visitor. Have you ever tried to obtain gender and age from your visitor? Do you know for sure if someone likes a certain page because they have been there for more time then average or they just went to the toilet?

This information will be available for all website owners and can be very helpful. It is more then probable that in the future this product will become the most important part of this whole new push from a Marketing perspective and gonna be replacing even Google Analytics or whatever else....
  1. Marketing and Advertisement possibilities

What are the Marketing and Advertising possibilities with all these new options?
This is actually where all the above points are coming together. If it’s all well implemented and great interface, it will be big. It will be Adwords big if you know what I mean.

What do you think about CPC bidding for Advertising only not on Keywords but on Keywords and Categories and Segments.
For example I want to target someone who has visited my site and like something on my site. Furthermore he should be male and between the 25 - 35 year. A preference of his should be including Pop music.
Because of all the targeting options on this, I get some real interesting Target Groups back and sure I’m willing to pay top euro to obtain a conversation from this group.


The great thing of this is that there is only way from here for Facebook Advertizing. That is way is only up. 

At the moment they are cementing their base for CPC advertising on But in the (near) future I’m expecting an Adsense type advertising platform, for all the websites who have been integrating the Facebook codes. This would make it a direct a competitor to Google in their most lucrative area, advertising.

These moves will definitely improve the competition among Google, Twitter and Facebook with each their own advertising solution.

Online marketing always change, often with large and huge ruptures and new technologies. This one is definitely one and will cause a lot of rupture in the current Advertising market.

Where is the other bottle......????



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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring is here

The spring is finally here with more sunlight.
So now we're going outside and enjoying the nature. So at that moment
we came along this lovely bee nurturring himself from the flower
nectar of this plant.

Enjoy the upcoming spring and all the lovely moments.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

iPhone OS 4 preview and iAd

iPhone OS 4

The iPhone OS4 preview show is gone and finally multi tasking is
getting there and more possibilities for the developers.
Even the ability for Skype to run in the background and hello to
spotify as well.
If they want to launch their us access on Any good moment, this summer
should do the trick with a brand new iPhone app.

So I'm happy about the progress for the OS 4, only now just wondering
why my itouch ain't supported anymore. That pisses me off. And
furthermore the iPhone 3g is gonna to get a bloody cripled version as
well. Not funny.

Then the new iAd platform.
So basically apple wants to bring the mofo flash banners to the iPhone.
But it's all good because it's in HTML 5.
I earn my money with ads, but I really need to see more before getting
really happy with that. Because at the moment what I do see a full
screen ad coming up in the form of interactivity.
That is what the flash always have been about on the net.
But I'll get back to this when I've tried it myself and get some more
initial impressions.

What was your impression from this event and which part got your
utmost attention?

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Black and White Panoramic

Black and White Panoramic. 

This Panoramic photo is taken with an Angle of 180 degrees and is basically the view from our window. 
During the easter we had some horrendous weather and this was taken during one of the moments when the sky broke a little bit open. 

I took in total 5 pictures and stitched it later on together with Photoshop. After making the Panoramic photo within Photoshop I exported it back to Lightroom and made the Black and White Adaptations. 

Enjoy this Black and White Panoramic picture and let me know if you like it. 

Jaap Willem

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