Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Prettig 2010 en veel Fotografie Plezier

Ik wil jullie allemaal een prettig 2010 wensen en veel succes in het nieuwe jaar.

Ook wens ik jullie veel fotografie plezier toe en geniet van alle mooie dingen die voor je camera kan komen.

Niks is te gek om foto’s van te maken en geeft altijd veel plezier achteraf.. dus laat de fotograafinjezelf naar boven komen

Geniet er van..

Jaap Willem

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What is your search activity??

What is your Search Activity in Google? 

You can find it in your Web History.. I just love to see this data.. 

This is mine search activiy... 

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blog Post: Deinze in the Winter

Blog Post: Deinze in the Winter. 

Deinze in the winter is beautiful, specially on the side of the Leie river and the church. 

Last week I went out to make some winter pictures from Deinze, to see the beautly and expect soonish new blog posts about Deinze and photographs. 

Enjoy now these pictures from Deinze in the winter
Visit my personal page as well


Jaap Willem

Picture 1: The Church from Deinze in Winter Landscape

Picture 2 : Winter in Deinze, The Canal Side.

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FireFox Addons vs Google Chrome Extensions: Will You Migrate?

Search Engine Tools and Downloads

FireFox Addons vs Google Chrome Extensions

Ever since Google Chrome blog announced the launch of Google Chrome Extensions, people have never stopped talking when this move is going to kill FireFox.

Well, you might know how much I love FireFox (even despite the fact that because of my experiments with addons it sometimes becomes dead slow) and how hardcore I may become wen it comes to something that I love, but even I couldn’t ignore those talks any longer.

So yes, I went ahead, did some research, tried Google Chrome extensions and here’s what I came up with:

Chrome Extensions vs FireFox Addons

FireFox Google Chrome
Installation Requires browser re-start (this addon makes the process a bit more easier) Easy and instant
Variety Plenty of addons available Only few extensions so far
Affect on browser performance The more addons, the slower the browser Runs extensions in separate processes, so no extension affects the entire browser.
The update process of extensions (?) Update on the start (with confirmation required) Automatic
Security Is known for security issues “Isolated Worlds” : By separating various processes from one another, Chrome should insure one addon security issues does not affect the whole browser

Note: you will need to install a Beta version of Google Chrome to install addons.

So except for a couple of points (one of which is temporal and one is a questionable benefit because auto updating may be not cool but it is good for security as due to that auto-updating feature, Chrome is able to remotely kill any extension that is reported to be doing bad things to people’s systems), FireFox seems to lose.

The comparison resources:

Are you migrating?

I only see one issue with me (for example) switching to Chrome in the near future: I spend 90% of my working time browsing – FireFox is my #1 tool and it will need huge amount of time to get used to a new working environment: to find alternatives to my installed addons and to learn all Chrome shortcuts.

And what about you? Do you see yourself switching to Chrome (if you haven’t already)?


  • Leftfield says:

    Restart and fire-up are not some bad reasons because it is required only once and you will not install million extensions.

    From security point what if i use Firefox on FreeBSD? Last security issue was caused by Windows, not Firefox.

    Generally i prefer more Firefox, because i can run it on my FreeBSD; Windows and Ubuntu with same extensions. Runs normally, fast, stable and reliable :)

  • Vygantas says:

    That’s the worst font/background colors I ever saw

  • Kristine says:

    I think this is a bit biased. I find the all the many processes Google Chrome runs in order to preserve ’security’ causes my computer to slow down quite a bit when running the same # i would run in Firefox. Firefox has it’s issues, but this comparison chart is written with a Chrome bias (IMO)

    • Kristine says:

      also not a fan of the autoupdate as my add ons often are the last to be supported in Firefox.. might be ok in Chrome I do not know.. their multi process slowdown issue has turned me back to Firefox

    • Ann Smarty says:

      It is funny it seems biased to Chrome as I am actually a huge FireFox fan – obviously the job of not looking biased to FF was overdone :)

      On a serious note, I wasn’t using my judgments – ws trying to sum up what is being said on the web…

  • Leftfield says:

    Ann, your work is great, i like to read everything from you but this test is not your best.

    Comparing browsers is more like apple and oranges. Every browser, except IE, has its own qualities. You should do the fast speed test with, let’s say, how they are opening some major CMS systems: Joomla; Drupal… and WP of course and how much they are eating memory and CPU.

  • Moving on from Firefox into Chrome

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    Thursday, December 24, 2009

    Merry Christmas from Belgium

    Merry Christmas to all of you and wish you all a happy New Year.. .
    See you all in 2010 and we keep on blogging.. 

    Visit my webpage for the latest Winterpictures..


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    Friday, December 18, 2009

    Fresh snow snow

    Snow snow snow.. 

    The first snow from the year have fallen again and just in time to let everyone enjoy the beautiful landscape.. 

    It's as well the time to that everyone is uploading new pics from beautiful winter landscapes on Flickr, Like me. But I also just wanted to give you guys an idea on what kind of Winter Photography you can have..  so I just wanted to give my opinions and shots to share with you.. 

    Both are close ups, what I prefer when shooting in industry zones, cause they create their own entourage.. 
    what do you think??

    Winter and snow shooting, close up or on a distance?? panoramic.. ??

    Have a great shooting time.. 


    Click here to download:
    snow-plant (579 KB)

    Click here to download:
    fresh-snow-plant (417 KB)

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    Wednesday, December 16, 2009

    Awesome pictures from the Golden Gate Brige Atop a Famous Bridge - a set on Flickr

    This is an awesome photo set from atop the Golden Gate bridge in San Fran.
    Never been there, but this makes me wanna go there...

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    Tuesday, December 15, 2009

    We can't see the garden for the Apples and BlackBerrys

    We can't see the forest for the T-Mobiles

    As we consume Apples and BlackBerrys, natural world beats a sensory retreat

    FINGERS ON THE POLITICAL PULSE: Senate aides with BlackBerrys in hand during a committee meeting.

    FINGERS ON THE POLITICAL PULSE: Senate aides with BlackBerrys in hand during a committee meeting. (Sarah L. Voisin/the Washington Post)
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    Who's Blogging

    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Tuesday, December 15, 2009

    Awesome and great article about technology advances and the problems with them.

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    Video: American Refugees Seek Health Care in Mexico | The Daily Show | Comedy Central

    Awesome video about Merida and Yucatan.. It's a great place to go I heard...

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    Tuesday, December 8, 2009

    Xmas tree decoration

    Xmas tree decoration

    Now we have entered the december month, the shops are buzzing again with all kind of decorations and xmas trees and presents. 

    This picture is a close up from our xmas tree decoration, what we have made small but astounishing.. Really proud on it. 

    So I know that this month it will be slow on posts and everything but we keep on going strong with new plans for 2010.. 
    What is your plan for the xmas tree decoration this year and your plans for next year?? 

    Have a great time decorating your xmas tree :D


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    Tuesday, December 1, 2009

    Lovely spicy Ham / Cheese Sandwich

    This is the way of making a very lovely Spicy Ham / Cheese Sandwich

    Preparation is: 
    • Toast slightly the 2 bread slices.
    • Put on some butter or Mayonnaise on both bread slices.
    • Just a handful of Salad.
    • A slice of regular Cheese.
    • A slice of Ham.
    • 3 Jalapenos peppers..
    • And a great Milkshake (not photographed)

    You should be finished within 5 minutes but with a great lunch or dinner.. 

    Enjoy and Bonne Appetit

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    Friday, November 27, 2009

    Dancing Mexican Beauty

    Dancing Mexican beauty

    This picture is taken from a dancing Mexican group in Puerto vallarta. 

    The dance was a typical Mexican dance, I'll edit this post later on when I remember the name. :D I think the sepia colours make it interesting with the light and the dancing position from the other actors on the stage. 

    Enjoy this Friday picture. 

    I've edited it with Photoshop Lightroom and Photoshop. 

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    Thursday, November 26, 2009

    B&W Office Furniture

    B&W office furniture. 

    How does your office look like? That's always a very  important question among all office workers.. 
    Everyone has their own style of course and everyone is happy with their office, but just wanted to let you guys now about our office details.. 
    I like those pictures because they're abstract and have something to say about the place.. if it's full of light or not.. 

    Jaap Willem
    Twitter: jaapwillem

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    Thursday, November 19, 2009

    Time Lapse video outside from our house

    Time Lapse video in Deinze

    I've uploaded 2 Time lapse videos to Youtube and Vimeo, both in 1080 HD resolution. 

    So you can have a look which one is better for Flash implementation, as well since the last upgrade from Youtube to support for 1080 and as well with the use of the Desktop up loader from Vimeo, what works flawless for the moment.. 

    The only thing is that the image is quite dark, didn't check it on a windows PC and on my mac it was perfect. But I'll be upgrading and making the images lighter this week. 

    Cheers and enjoy, 

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    Wednesday, November 18, 2009

    Apture integration on

    Hello there, 
    I'm back with a short Blog post and a short note on my personal page (
    Lately i've been adding some points and additions to my website, mainly to make it more interactive and easier to navigate. 

    Frontpage: interactive extension
    So on the frontpage I've added a very cool new extension, Apture. This extension do permit you to see rapidly some images and as well videos and my Twitter feed.

    Images page: Breadcrumbs
    The second change I've been adding is that addition of so called breadcrumbs in my Photography page. You can find it for example on my Bruges photography page and as well the update page on September images

    Comments? Shoot!! 
    Please let me know what you think of these additions and changes and keep tuned for some more changes soon.

    Jaap Willem

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    Tuesday, November 10, 2009

    Travelling: The beauty of Honduras

    Travelling: Beauty of Honduras
    With the latest problems in Honduras it's easy to forget about a very important part of the country, the tourism.

    It is indeed one of the poorest countries in the region and South America but it's plenty covered with beautiful spots all over the country. I would like to invite you guys to explore with me the beauty of the country and the persons within the Gallery I linked to this Blog post on Flickr.

    Travelling in Honduras: Tegucigalpa
    The capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa, is build upon many hills and very steep hills sometimes but it's definitely a very interesting place with sometimes a tremendous difference between the old classical Spanish style and the latest buildings from western companies whom are using low wage workers to make their products.

    Travelling in Honduras: Caribbean coast.
    If you go towards the coast you come to see the rolling green hills with the local flowers before you get to the Caribbean sea. This is when you get to the beautiful blue colored sea with the islands just a short boat trip away.
    The local population is very charming and welcoming to tourists and are happy to share with you the beauty of their country.
    Do you have a Honduras travel experience? Please share it with me in the comments.

    Travelling in Honduras: Slideshow

    Friday, October 16, 2009

    Google Wave workflow

    Just wondering what each ones work flow for Google Wave is.. 
    I have at the moment 2 favorite views.. 
    • One with 3 to 4 conversations open. This is for the moment I'm really into the productivity and need to collaborate with everyone..
    • One with no conversations visible but all hidden into the top from the page. This is the moment when I leave I like to have everything clean and I can see when I come back which ones had comments on them. It is indicated in Green ;)

    Which one is yours??

    Give me a feedback in the comments or on Google wave...  jaapwillem at googlewave dot com

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    Wednesday, October 14, 2009

    French Pharmacies

    French Pharmacies
    Just saw the other day this picture in my library and every time I'm always intrigued. 
    I don't know, but it gives me always a very warm feeling to see one. It looks like one out of the old cartoons where it still is like it used to be during the beginning of the 1900... 
    So I would like to introduce you this edited photo from a french pharmacy, made in a cartoonish style image. 

    Let me know what you think, 

    Cheers Jaap Willem

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    Tuesday, October 13, 2009

    Yahoo HATES PUBLIC opinion

    Now I think it's becoming more and more official.. And I think it's a real pity but Yahoo HATES public opinion. 

    I write this article with boiling blood, because Yahoo is taking more and more control over Flickr and they clearly do not understand the Flickr motivation. 
    Way back in the time we loved Flickr because they where cutting-edge and had a great community .. 
    Now the community is going down.. more and more people are moving towards other sites, like SmugMug and even Picasaweb.. 
    From a technical point of view, few things have changed lately, the last major addition is the addition of Video.. and that only for 1:30 minutes.. 

    Lately there's a trend from Flickr to start to intervene into community discussions, one of the biggest fails was the Laughing clown which was similar to Obama. Now the latest is the erasing of posts and intervention within the Yahoo groups..
    So I would like to refer to this article from Thomas Hawk and face the facts that Flickr soon will be a community without community.. 

    Give it a look and share this with your friends, colleagues etc.. and stop using Flickr, there are many more interesting photo sites on the internet.. 

    Cheers Jaap Willem

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    Monday, October 12, 2009

    Amsterdam Street Images

    Amsterdam Street Images.
    The following images are a few images I took during the car-free Sunday in September in Amsterdam.

    It's really nice to see that the people took their living room to the street to make a statement about the use of the streets.
    True, normally the weather ain't that good that it's possible but still, it's great. I think it's as well about the spirit in Amsterdam that when there's something going on, the whole city center is enjoying the party. Anyone who have been at a Queensday knows how the party can be.

    So I would like to invite you guys to this small selection of edited images from Amsterdam and the living room on the streets. At the end we always have the blue cushion to sit on, isn't?? To enjoy the beautiful sight over the Canals.

    If you are in Amsterdam, just try to stroll around and enjoy the spirit of the city, you'll be positively surprised.

    Jaap Willem

     PR: wait...  I: wait...  L: wait...  LD: wait...  I: wait... wait...  Rank: wait...  Traffic: wait...  Price: wait...  C: wait...

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